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Ashton Kutcher vacations with family after Demi Moore’s revelations

Life is certainly good for Ashton Kutcher. The father of two recently spent a vacation with his family at Disneyland. The trip comes after Demi Moore published her bombshell memoir “Inside Out”.

The actor was spotted enjoying the weekend at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Entertainment Tonight reports that he was with wife Mila Kunis and their two kids Wyatt and Dimitri. The husband and wife appeared to be “in good spirits and having a great day” according to a source from ET.

On Sunday, Kutcher posted a selfie of him and Kunis all smiles with the Disneyland castle as a backdrop. He then captioned the Instagram post:

“Magical weekend @disneyland An imagination tinderbox. That Walt guy had a vision.”

Meanwhile, Kunis was sporting blonde and blue hair under a baseball cap. A far cry from her signature brunette locks. A separate source for Us Weekly told the magazine:

“Mila was holding Dimitri’s hand, while Ashton was minding their daughter, Wyatt. They appeared to be in a good mood.”

It looks like the publicity that came with Moore’s shocking revelations didn’t face the couple at all. “Inside Out” swept headlines all week long after it hit the shelves on September 24.

In the tell-all memoir, Kutcher’s ex-wife went into detail about his infidelities. The 56-year-old actress also detailed her struggles to prove herself to Kutcher. She claims that they went as far as engaging in threesomes to keep their marriage alive. Moore notes that losing their unborn baby caused their marriage to spiral down.