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Are you home renovation-ready? Government to offer HomeBuilder cash grant of $25,000 per eligible Sydneysider as part of covid-19 recovery program

Coronavirus had caused (and still doing so) a big change to the world – many businesses seemed to be on standstill, health preventive measures are strictly implemented, and more travel limitations. The whole world is currently on the process of healing, wherein people are encouraged to be less active outside as staying home can help flatten the curve. So no warm hugs for now.

However, did you know that you can still be productive even during this pandemic? You now have more time for your home renovation plans. Or you can take your house building construction project into action! But if you’re having second thoughts about it, due to the financial constraints brought about by the Covid-19 crisis, let us share with you something you might be interested in!

Is home renovation plausible idea during the coronavirus crisis?

If you’re building a new home or been planning to move forward with your renovation plans, we understand how it is imperative to be specific with your goals; and that includes checking your available funds for the project.

“For most Sydneysiders, renovation is increasingly appealing due to a large amount of equity over 2013 to 2017 estimation of nearly 75% increase for their home and property value,” says Nerida Conisbee, REA Group Chief Economist and one of Australia’s leading Property Market Experts

According to Suncorp, (one of Australia’s Finance, Insurance, and Banking Corporation) an average of $60,000 was spent in terms of improving existing homes rather than the grueling search for a bigger house. Notably, another survey report gathered by Houzz & Home Australia, research reveals younger homeowners also prefer to embark on remodeling – thus making the number of household renovation to rise.

However, there are a lot of factors a homeowner should observe to prevent renovation nightmares; and hiring a reliable House Painting Service in Sydney is just one to think about.

Initially, homeowners are perplexed with questions like how much do you need to spend for remodeling or repainting and how much the renovation contingency should be. These and more concerns are placed under inspection as many are considering the financial restraints due to Coronavirus’ impact on the nation’s economy. So, others are hesitant if a renovation is a smart decision given the current situation? But the Australian government thinks otherwise.

The Australian Federal Government is said to offer a potential cash grant of $25,000 for every eligible Sydneysider as part of the new HomeBuilder scheme with the intention to assist with home renovations and house constructions.

Understanding all about HomeBuilder program

What does it exactly intends to cover?  When it comes to housing affordability, the budget allotted for renovation matters. It is the #1 challenge for any homeowner regardless of age as most of their main concern is being economical.

A grant worth of $25,000 will be funded for eligible Sydneysider to help them build new homes as well as substantially push through with their home renovation plans. The program is available only for selected building contracts that have been signed between the 4th of June until December, 2020. It is anticipated that this will drive a “tradie-led” recovery for Australia’s economy as it stimulates activity in the construction sector; which is considered as the country’s biggest employers.

“The extra $25,000 would help you get started if you’re putting off your renovation or new house-building plans as the HomeBuilder scheme also offers a record low interest rates.” says Prime Minister Scott Morrison

The Prime Minister also states that the government proposes the program as it is believed to support the workers (including engineers, architects, material suppliers, and manufacturers) of direct construction jobs and the residential building sector. Denita Wawn, Master Builders Australia Chief Executive, also agrees as she states that it would be a lifeline for the embattled industry.

According to Denita Wawn – “More new homes mean more small business and jobs are protected. It will provide a stronger bridge to our country’s economic recovery”

However, it may be about job creation and designed to support more than a million workers and homeowners with renovation plans, there are some serious caveats and certain criteria to be evaluated as eligible.

Who’s eligible to apply for the HomeBuilder cash grant?

Renovation expenditure can be tricky and stressful since there’s a lot you have to consider. So it is understandable how one’s interest can potentially be intrigued by the HomeBuilder tax-free stimulus cash grant offered by the Federal Government. According to property experts, homeowners located from Brisbane, Sydney suburbs and outer suburbs of Melbourne are highly to be qualified for the program.

Australian singles or couples may apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • Australian citizen that are certified home owner-occupiers.
  • It is unfortunately not available for Permanent residents, New Zealand citizens or Indefinite Stay Visa holders.
  • You must be building a new home worth no more than $750,000.
  • The existing home must be not more than $1.5 million and your renovation project is worth at least $150,000.
  • The renovation project must be to improve accessibility, livability, and intended for the family’s safety. It doesn’t include remodeling or building of patio, swimming pool, tennis court, garage, or anything not connected to your home.
  • Rental housing and Investment properties aren’t eligible.
  • The construction or renovation must start within the three months of the contract date.
  • As an individual, you must be earning below an income cap of $125,000 (tax return for 2018-2019) and as a couple, it must not be more than $200,000 taxable combined income for the recent financial year of 2018-2019.

Grants may be acquired and will be paid via states soon after the jurisdiction signs up the proposed program. Australians may express their interest to apply using the official website. However, as of to date, the said program and eligibility for receiving the grants had generated controversies.

Signs that you are ready for home improvement and house painting service

Renovation can potentially be a major undertaking, but if you have the know-how that can help you run the process smoothly, then you can prevent added stress. So, let us share with you the compiled checklist to assess if you are indeed renovation-ready through the following signs!

Finding licensed Sydney commercial painters service and renovation contractors

Sydneysiders opt for rebuilding their existing homes instead of relocating as they can avoid the tiresome house hunting and the battle for great choices on the market of home listings.  And having Licensed Renovation Contractors and Sydney Commercial Painters service can help you avoid any renovation pitfalls wherein you can secure the whole process to run smoothly!

Having reliable Sydney painters and contractors can efficiently provide you a higher chance to experience the service you deserve. It is very critical that you hire licensed, registered, and insured contractors. Why? So that all your resources (time and money) are not put into waste! They’ll be able to assist you in acquiring premium quality products and durable materials ranging from house painting colors up to the much-needed maintenance treatment once everything is renovated. It is important that you consider not only looking for the right people who can help you at the initial stage but they must also be reliable until the last stage of the renovation process.

Finding Professional House Painting Service with a Variety of Customized Renovation Plans

The demand for customized aesthetics for the home renovation is actually ramping up. It has become a hard task to find professional service providers who can provide customized renovation solutions for the forthcoming home improvement tasks.

In order to be deemed ready for renovation, you must find certified Professional Service Providers who can meet the criteria of building your visions to reality. Choose the one who can offer tailored service other than standardized designs. Look for the one who can bring out the best for your home with a wide variety of color trends or palettes that promote identity and distinct beauty.

Finding the best (and reliable) service providers

The most common challenge when it comes to renovation is how to get the right service that still allows you to achieve your economical and aesthetic expectations.

As the most reliable Sydney Commercial Painters Service, we understand how tiresome it is to find someone you can entrust with your home. It is time to end the cycle and save yourself from getting upset over second-rate service. With us, there are no empty promises!

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