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Airon Rodrigues talks about the importance of SEO and his firm, Search Consulting

Airon Rodrigues has been a vital member of Search Consulting for many years. As an SEO and digital marketing company based in Perth, Search Consulting understands the importance of putting the customer first. Their philosophy is all about strategy and understanding the value of customised strategies for different organisations. These valuable strategies can lead to higher business growth, improved revenue margins and better customer retention.

Fortunately for us, Airon was able to take some time away from the business and provide some insightful answers to some of our questions.

What is your background in digital marketing? What motivated you to run Search Consulting?

My background in digital marketing began with social media advertising, but then naturally progressed towards SEO. I found SEO to be more technical, data driven and more in demand as there is an endless supply of businesses who are looking to rank on page 1. Throughout my first years of providing SEO services, I didn’t have a website. I was just known as “the guy” who can get you ranked on Google and improve your website. It was at this stage I began to realise I can make a full business out of this, creating what is now one of the leading SEO companies in Perth. As an entrepreneur, I have always been motivated to create marketing projects and with SEO being my bread and butter, Search Consulting was born.

How people can get their website on the top of Google search results? Are there special techniques?

The best place to start is to identify your target keywords. Always ask yourself ‘What would my customer search in Google to find my products/services?’ Once you have identified a list of key terms, you need to begin inserting them onto your website so that the next time Google visits your website and see’s these terms, you are going to be seen as a relevant source of information for the search query. Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that, but this is a great place to start. Other things to do is to make sure you have helpful, unique content and always think about user experience first.

How important is local search and when should a business invest in it?

Local search is highly important because there will always be customers searching for businesses in their area. Many businesses decide to target big cities within their state or country and neglect their own city because they think it’s not big enough which is a mistake. Sometimes, some of your best customers are within 1 km from you which is why setting up correctly for local search will allow you to target locals. Businesses should invest in local search immediately, the reason for this is it’s quick and easy to do, and secondly, it’s free. Just head to Google My Business and claim your business listing. Also, try get your business listed in local directories such as Yellow Pages and Yelp, some people still use those!

What makes your agency different from other SEO firms?

The main way in which we are different is that we don’t concentrate all our time and effort into achieving rankings. Instead, we focus on a business’s overall ROI from our SEO campaign and whether they are really receiving the true benefits from website optimisation. Often, SEO agencies concentrate on getting businesses to page 1 one, and not to concerned with what that ranking is doing for their business. Are more leads and conversions being generated? If not, what’s the point of that ranking? At the end of the day, SEO companies help businesses make more money, and if this is our focus as an SEO agency.

How do you think SEO will change in the next few years?

One of the main way’s SEO will change in the next few years is by branding. Google loves nothing more than a strong brand that people are familiar with, think Coca-Cola, Nike and Gucci. Businesses can replicate this, not to the same extent of course, but they can get Google to see that they are a credible brand that people can trust. I believe SEO will favour businesses who have a strong brand in the future, which is why it’s important for businesses now to start thinking about their companies’ brand. In addition, SEO will begin to become much more competitive and Google will continue to refine its algorithm to the point where SEO techniques we use today will become useless. Not to mention voice search is a trend that has been around for some time now, but I believe it will continue to grow and become more prominent in the future.

The digital marketing industry can be chaotic and turbulent. Things are always changing, making it more and more difficult for businesses to get ahead. However, with help from a business such as Search Consulting, the sky is the limit. Being able to trust in your online brand is a core component of long-term business success.