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3 Important Tips For Buying Tobacco Bongs Online

If you are buying your very first smoking device or are just shopping for a new piece, there’s a wide variety of bongs online for you to compare and select from. If you’ve never used the internet to buy a product like this, it can be a little daunting for several obvious and less-so obvious reasons.

Buying bongs online can be a hassle if you don’t know how to go about it and this is why you should take heed of the following 3 tips when shopping for your new piece.


What are you going to smoke with it?

It’s important to know what kind of substance you are going to use when shopping for bongs online. This comes down to whether you are using dried herbs or concentrates. Water pipe pieces are excellent for both types.

If you are smoking dried herbs, then they will need a bowl so they can be ignited. This bowl sits in a stem that’s angled between 45 to 90 degrees out from the centre of the main glass chamber. A concentrate will require a nail for effective use and this requires a stem that’s angled at around 90 degrees.

When buying bongs online, keep in mind exactly what you’re going to put it in.


bongsLook for percolators

Many people, even long-time smokers, don’t know what’s meant when percolators are discussed. However, percolators are an important and beneficial feature that you want to be mindful of when shopping for bongs online.

Basically, no matter what size piece you are using, percolators work to diffuse smoke generated by the device and filters out harmful toxins. Also, it works to cool to smoke as the substance burns, meaning the hit you take isn’t as harsh as it would have been otherwise.

Percolators helps take the edge off the harshness of using a glass piece and help to mitigate the harmful effects of smoke combustion inhalation. On the whole, percolators are a good investment for long-term, habitual smoking.


Think about size

Another important factor to consider when purchasing bongs online is what size you want. As a general rule of thumb, larger pieces are going to give you a smoother hit because they smoke has longer to travel before reaching you, but a smaller piece is going to be more portable and take up less space.

If you are planning to only smoke at home in one main area of the house, then investing in a larger piece is sensible. However, if you need something that you can carry outside onto the porch or take with you on camping trips and other excursions, a smaller piece makes more sense.

Different sizes and shapes of the available bongs online each have their own advantages and disadvantages which will change based on the circumstances you plan to use them in. If you have a small budget, you may be forced to settle for a smaller piece.

Larger pieces can run up into the hundreds of dollars, especially if they are elaborately decorated or shaped. If you just want a functional device without bells and whistles, you can get something good for less than $50 dollars.

As you can see, there’s plenty of things to consider when you’re shopping for bongs online. If you follow the above tips and take time with your decision, you should be able to secure the ideal smoking apparatus to meet your preferences.